Thursday, June 16, 2011

Just What Kind of Blogger Am I?

(This was written last night as I used all my usual tricks to get sleepy enough to actually go to bed.  Anything that makes no sense, I blame on the medication.)

It's midnight and, as usual, Justin is long ago asleep while I wait for the sandman to make his elusive appearance.  Hopefully, he will obey the Ambien soon and sprinkle some magic dust over my brain.  Stranger things have happened.

Why on earth am I impossibly sleepy at 7:30 every night and wide awake at 12:00 a.m.?  This is THE question that keeps me up at night.  Well, that and why my metabolism has suddenly stopped working ever since they removed my uterus and ovaries.  Apparently, hormone replacement therapy is not a good combination with carbs and sugar.

As I was sitting here watching mindless sitcoms, I started to ponder exactly what I am doing with this blog.  As you can see on the right, there is a long list of blogs about specific topics that I read on a regular basis.  What most of them have in common is that they all have an underlying theme - one particular thing that they talk about.

As this blog has developed and evolved, I have realized the great range of topics that I am covering here.  I have a variety of interests, as represented by the list on the right.  Autism, cancer research, mental health, bipolar disorder, fibromyalgia and chronic pain, saving money and reducing debt, and, most recently, decluttering my home and hopefully, at the same time, my mind.

As a person who rapid cycles through mood swings as often as a normal person returns to the coffee pot during the work day, I find myself getting extremely fascinated by one topic and then, when my mood shifts, refocusing my attention on something else entirely.

Most recently, I have focused a great deal on my spending diet and my decluttering issues, since those things have been stuck on a somewhat manic reel in my brain for awhile.  (Hey, there are much worse things to fixate on.)  It's kind of eerie to watch how my mind works by looking back over past entries.  It's an online mood chart.

Which is okay.  There are lots of blogs that are focused on specific topics and you can find several really good ones in my blog roll.  If there is something specific you are into, there's a really good chance you can find a blog about it on the internet.

I kind of see my blog as a daily flex of my writing muscle; a kind of warm up for what will hopefully morph into the more involved writing of an actual book.  And hopefully, along the way, the readers who stop by will be able to either find posts that resonate or are entertaining.  I do try to balance the very serious with the more light-hearted.  I feel like if I write from the negative point of view constantly, people won't want to stick around or recommend me to their friends.  Mental illness and chronic pain can become old to live with.  Who wants to read about them every day?

So, I guess the point is that this blog will continue, as it says above, to basically be my life.  And that's the kind of the cool thing about life.  It has ups and downs, hills and valleys, good and bad times.  So, in a way, I'm just your average realist with a sense of humor.

Who is now, finally feeling sleepy.  It's a nightly battle, but it's kind of cool to get a couple of quiet hours at the end of the night.  I'm sure Justin feels the same way as I snooze away in the quiet early morning hours while he's trying to get some work done.



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