Thursday, June 23, 2011

It's All in your Perspective

Yesterday, a friend shared this link on her Facebook page:

Please go read it, if you haven't already.  This is the funniest thing I have read in a very long time and I am still laughing 24 hours later at the mental image from the second picture in Jenny Lawson's blog post.  I can only aspire to write so well that someone is still aughing at something I wrote the next day.

It was so funny that I felt compelled to share it with Justin and with Jamie.  Justin got a small kick out of it, which was the intention.  I really wanted something that would make him smile for just a minute.  Everyone I've shared this with on Facebook has thought it was hysterically funny.  Except for Jamie.  

When Jamie didn't laugh at a 5 foot metal chicken standing at the closed front door of her house, I thought he simply didn't get it.  But then we started arguing about why we actually need a metal chicken, especially one that is five feet tall.  Someone (it might have been the author herself) said it would be a really cool thing to lug around to friends who are feeling down, so that they could get at least one laugh on a day that might not be going well.

The conversation with Jamie went something like this:

Jamie:  I get it Mom, but it's not funny.

Me:  Jamie, it's very funny.  We need a five foot metal chicken.

Jamie:  Mom, you can't spend money on a five foot metal chicken.  We don't need a five foot metal chicken.

Me:  Oh yes we do.  You have no idea how much we need a five foot metal chicken.

Jamie:  So, you would actually put a metal chicken on your credit card if you didn't have the money to pay for it?

That's a valid question, really, since I've been trying so freaking hard to pay off our debts and not use the credit cards.  But for a five foot metal chicken, I would pull out my credit card.  I would simply have to have this item.  I am pretty sure I need this chicken as much as I need an iPad.  And that's a lot.

Jamie said that she should have just bought the towels.  I disagree.  This was creative arguing at its absolute best.  That was honestly the most creative solution to a marital spat that I have ever seen and it was also the funniest thing I have seen in a long time.  In fact, I don't think I've laughed that hard since I saw Jeff Dunham on Comedy Central doing Achmed, the Dead Terrorist.

Everyone needs a five foot metal chicken in their lives.  Except 14 year old boys, apparently.  High school kids.  What is wrong with them?  How can he not see how badly we need a five foot metal chicken?

That chicken represents so many things, aside from the creative solution to an argument with her husband.  It represents having a fantastic sense of humor about marriage, which is essential.  It represents the fact that a spouse should not ever say "you cannot have that," because that is almost a guarantee that whatever that is, you're probably going to end up with it just because you said not to buy it.  And it represents the thought that if someone is down, there is always a metal chicken to lift your spirits.

Yesterday was a metal chicken day.  A five foot metal chicken day.  And I am so grateful to Jenny Lawson for writing that blog entry and making my day.  I will forever carry that image of the metal chicken standing outside of the closed door, waiting for her husband to answer.  I'm sure that once the angry from the argument wore off, he must have come around and seen the humor in it because after all, she didn't bring home the towels.  That was the best spending for something you don't need that I have ever seen.  

After all, you're always going to have car repairs, college tuition bills, trips to the eye doctor...etc., etc.  If you find a five foot metal chicken, that is worth every penny.  Because it's not all those things you don't want to spend money on, but have to anyways.  From my perspective of 23 years of marriage, I would buy the chicken.  Maybe someday Jamie will understand why a metal chicken would be a good thing to have.  It's all in your perspective.



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