Thursday, June 30, 2011

Book Submissions - Acceptable Illnesses

In case you don't see the comment attached to the last post, I wanted to make sure that everyone is aware that I will accept entries about mental illness.  Mental illness may not involve physical pain, but it does involve tremendous emotional pain for all the reasons I have listed in my response to Bec's question below.

Also, I will accept multiple submissions for the same illness and I intend to have more than one chapter on each illness in the book.  I may divide it into sections for types of illness, like "mental illness," "autoimmune disorders," "chemical allergies and sensitivities," "CFS/ME," etc.  I will have to see what I receive in the way of submissions before deciding how to categorize and break it down.

Also, regardless of whether you allow me to publish your story in my book, you will be free to publish your story in any other publication you wish.  Even though I will be asking for a release for royalties, I will not be asking you to never tell your story again.  The point of the book is for people with invisible illnesses to be heard and if I were to say that what you have told me can never be told to anyone else, it defeats my own purpose.  If I have to do extensive editing of what you have written, I might ask that you don't send the exact same chapter from my book, as some of my own writing will be in it, so as you are writing, try to make it a story that doesn't need too much work on my part.

Anything that I write will, of course, be copyrighted, but your story remains your story to share with whomever you wish.

That's all I can think of right now and I have to get ready to go visit James Madison University with my oldest son today, so unfortunately I will not be able to catch anything that comes in today until much later.  Please email me at or post up a comment here or on Facebook and I will get to it later when I get back.

And hey, have fun writing your story.  This might be something you've never actually thought through in a coherent form and a "from then to now fashion."   This should be a therapeutic and cathartic exercise and if it's not, I'm not sure you've done it right!  (Just kidding - I'm in no way a therapist!)

Love and thanks to all who are considering submission or who have already submitted.  Please go back and check my other two entries and follow my guidelines to insure you have answered all of the questions I have asked in some way or other.



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