Thursday, June 23, 2011

And the Decluttering Continues

I've mentioned before that my parents are getting ready to move to a warmer climate in August.  What I may not have mentioned is that they will have to downsize their possessions by about 2/3 because the house they are having built is much smaller than the one they live in now.

This weekend, I am taking the younger two boys out to help my mother clear out "stuff."  We'll be donating things here and there and cleaning out closets.  I've already been told that eventually the task of going through all of our childhood pictures will fall to me and wow, I already have boxes of my own photos I can't get through!  I'd better get moving on my own photo organization, because when my childhood pictures come my way, it's going to be a photograph avalanche.

In anticipation of my trip tomorrow, I have been kind of looking around.  With the situation with my father-in-law this week, my decluttering came to a screeching halt on Father's Day.  But knowing that I will be running errands to donate things, I thought it would be a good idea to see if there is anything I can bear to part with to continue with my decluttering efforts.  Here's what I came up with:

I went through a unicorn phase way back at the beginning of my marriage and I believe Justin ordered this for me as a Christmas gift one year out of those newspaper inserts that have advertisements for things you can give as gifts that have no purpose.  He's been sitting in my dining room china cabinet and I realized tonight that I don't particularly like unicorns anymore and, in particular, I don't really like this unicorn.  So, he's going to the thrift store.

I found this carousel horse in a flea market with Ben many years ago.  It is wobbly on its base and kind of old.  I thought it was really cool when I bought it for a couple of bucks.  It (as with everything I am picturing tonight) was also in my china cabinet taking up space.  I'm not sentimentally attached to it, so out it goes.

Like the unicorns, I also went through my dolphin phase.  In fact, Justin and I got kind of on a roll with dolphins, even going so far as to get matching dolphin tattoos on our right shoulders.  Something about dolphins mating for life.  The tattoos will remain (obviously), but this little resin pair of dolphins was picked up for a couple of bucks at a Virginia Beach souvenir shop and holds no particular value.  Off to the thrift store with it.

 This one came from a table top full of little knick knacks my mom brought back after her mother died.  I never saw it in her little assisted living apartment and really didn't know it existed.  I thought it was kind of pretty, but there is no memory of this item belonging to my grandmother.  My mom also brought back a pretty cross stitch picture I had made for my grandmother and a very pretty little glass pitcher that I had bought her as a Christmas gift one year.  Those are much more suitable to my home than this item and, since it really does remind me of those little old ladies' homes that are filled to the rafters with things that no one could possibly want, or a very old parlor or something, if Mom doesn't want it, it goes to the thrift shop.

I recently was asked by my mother-in-law whether there was anything I wanted from Justin’s great-uncle’s house after he died.  I couldn’t really think of anything, but suddenly it occurred to me that I (sort of) collect teacups.  So, I said I’ll take any teacups if he has them.  What I got was a huge bag full of teacups.  This is just a portion of what he gave me.  I have others in the china closet that I have collected over the years and a couple in the family room.  (We also have a genuine Russian fur hat, but that is Justin's to decide on whether to keep it or do something else with it.)
Teacups and saucers are items that you really don’t need to have and you might argue that they are simply taking up a lot of space and collecting dust.  I am wishy washy on whether or not I want to keep all of these teacups, but for right now, I have displayed them while I try to decide if this is something I want to move when we finally sell our house or foist on my children if and when something happens to me.  Having all boys, I doubt seriously they are going to want a teacup collection, but I always hold out the hope of a granddaughter sometime in my future.  Who may or may not want a collection of a bunch of old teacups that do nothing but sit there taking up space and collecting dust.

Since I spent the whole week not decluttering, I thought it would be appropriate to pick more than one item to take out of the house this weekend.  And Ben was nice enough to drop off another several bags of books at the library for me this afternoon.  I still have shelves full of books, but I have seriously moved some literature out of the house over the last few weeks.

I anticipate a weekend of hard work followed by several days of recovery next week.  Don’t fret if you are not getting two blog posts a day for the next three days.  I am merely off on a decluttering mission for someone else.  Maybe it will motivate me to even further heights of getting the crap out of my house.



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