Sunday, May 29, 2011

Wow, What Do I Do With THIS thing?

As you probably know, I am on a mission to clean out the clutter in my house.  One of the things I came across today is this:

This is a statue that came to us when Justin's great uncle died last year.  His parents were cleaning out his house and they thought this was something that we might like to have.  We also got a bag full of teacups (I collect them, sort of) and a genuine Russian fur hat.  Oh, and there is this:

Now that is pretty cool and I am going to try to pick up a frame for it from Michael's when I go tomorrow (40% off coupon, of course!).

But what, seriously, are we going to do with this Indian statue?  I don't think Justin really wants it.  Part of it is broken off.  I doubt we could sell it at a yard sale and why would we donate it?

Here is today's question:  What do you do when you are decluttering and you come across something that maybe has sentimental value, but not enough that you want to put it on display?  Do you find a place to store it, toss it, give it away, donate it?  What do we do with "Preparing for the Hunt" there?  Suggestions would be greatly appreciated!




  1. I'm used to make a picture and give it away then.

  2. Sarah,

    I ended up throwing it away with Justin's permission, since it was actually broken and extremely heavy. But I do have this picture for prosperity!

    I am throwing away and donating a lot of stuff right now, as well as selling some. I guess I believe that if I get my house decluttered, my mind will follow.

    Thanks for commenting. :o)



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