Sunday, May 1, 2011

Very Interesting Blogs

I've recently joined WEGO Health, an online community health site.  I'm not entirely sure what it's all about yet. but they are asking me to make a video as a "health activist!"  At first, I thought it was spam and almost sent it to the trash.  Me, a health activist?  I can barely function outside of my own home.  But when I took a better look at it, I realized that it's an entire online community of people with all different kinds of health issues and, as I began to explore, I realized this is something like a Facebook community of people who are trying to find other people with similar problems who can relate.

This morning I was very quickly trolling the site and found a couple of blogs that I think will be interesting to follow.

Jenny Pettit blogs about unseen illnesses (such as fibromyalgia and other autoimmune disorders) at

Another one I think I'm going to like is this one:   One very interesting post on social security disability for those with mental illnesses:

Living on Social Security

Just a couple of things to read as you wake up this morning.  One thing about this online community we are forming here.  You can find anyone with any of your issues somewhere.  And someone will be writing a blog about it.

I am looking forward to discovering more about whatever this new place/community is all about.  Because I don't spend enough of my time online, right?

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