Monday, May 2, 2011

Update on Today's ADHD

Just wanted to keep you apprised of my topsy turvy handling of my day today.  Here's what I've accomplished:

Blog entry - yay me
Made cookies - yay new fat roll
Made chocolate dipped strawberries - see above
Got sheets from washer into dryer and mattress pads back on beds - yay me
Unloaded dishwasher and put dirties in - because nobody else did
Walked the dog - exercise to protect against the fat roll
Decided on dinner - not as easy as it sounds
Renewed library books online - saved a trip this week which saves gas
Conversation with oldest child - amazing and totally unexpected

Also breakfast, lunch, shower...I had a busy morning!

Still to do (not all today):

Put away laundry from Saturday (I never get the ones I washed put away before it's time to wash again)
Get to my book project that I vowed to work on today
Return shorts that didn't fit the middle kid to Old Navy
Finish final library book (definitely won't be done today!) and return books
Go get the blood work done my doctor ordered
Three blog entries in the planning stages
Go over youngest child's draft IEP and make sure the additions I requested were added before Wednesday
Check with a counselor at community college about registering for writing class

I would say I accomplished a lot with the scattered brain power I have today.  And it's now 3:00 and time for the younger two to come home from school, which will make the chaos level increase dramatically and accomplishing anything quite hard.  But that is probably how it is supposed to be.  I need to start checking into summer camps.  I don't think the pool membership is going to be enough.

If I could drag myself out of bed and begin functioning in the mornings, that would make me amazingly more productive.  Just. Can't. Do it.

Addendum:  Shit.  I forgot to medicate the cat.

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