Friday, May 27, 2011

Update - Light at the End of the Tunnel!

Feeling slightly better about the spending thing today.  I am proud of myself.  I just managed to get the checkbook balanced and all of the bills paid except for the huge credit card bill and the mortgage for June.  Those are always "second paycheck" bills and so they don't get paid in with all the other stuff.

I went to the huge "I Hate You" card website to see if we had been charged for something and realized that the payment we made last month hadn't been entered before I got this month's bill.  So it's actually almost $1500 less than I thought it was.  Great news, because that means we have more money than we owe on this card and will finally be paying it off completely.  How exciting is that????

I don't know if Justin would be comfortable with my sharing amounts or anything, so I will talk to him to see if he minds my posting up how much debt we have actually paid off in the last three months.  And I don't want to post it until we've actually gone ahead and done it.

As you might remember, April and May were tough months for us with several unexpected expenses.  Thanks to my controlling myself, I am proud to say that my credit card remains completely debt free.  I have not gone out and charged that iPad I want so badly, nor have I bought myself a new camera.  No big online shopping sprees.  And I am using coupons too.  Did you know that you can get printable coupons online?  It's not a huge savings, but I love getting a $3 off coupon for that stupid over the counter Prevacid we both have to take every day.

And, off the topic, the garden is looking really good.  The cucumbers are growing like weeds and I will be getting the last five plants transplanted into the backyard garden this weekend.  Once all is planted, I promise to share a picture (taken with my old but apparently still working and perfectly functional camera) of what is turning into growing plants.  Who knew I had a green thumb?  I am tickled now and will be ecstatic if I get some watermelons and cucumbers out of this.  I don't want to jinx myself, but so far the dog and the critters are leaving it alone. 

With that said, the little bunny rabbits' and birdies' ears perked up and they realized there is a new food source in the neighborhood...

Hopefully nobody will need the mechanic, vet, or emergency room before I can say we have paid off our credit card debt and have no car payments.  Oh my God.  It just hit me.  No credit card debt and no car payments.  I'm actually numb with shock because I haven't been able to say this since I was 19 years old and got my very first Visa card and my parents took on my first car payment which later became mine!

I could get addicted to this not spending money thing...


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