Monday, May 9, 2011

Stop Tempting Me To Spend Money, Damn It!

Should I write to these people and tell them that I appreciate the offer, but I'm trying to stop spending money?

Just out of curiosity, I signed in and went to the offer of the day - Rebecca Minkoff bags and apparel at what looks to be a 60% discount.  You know how they cross through a price and then put the actual price underneath the picture of an item they want you to buy?

The first bag is a "main squeeze bucket bag"

Originally $495 marked down to the amazing low price of $198

Okay, I'm not really into designer clothes and have no idea who Rebecca Minkoff might be.  And I really don't know why on earth I would pay $198 for a purse.  Do people really do this?  I'm assuming this is some chic, cool designer or something.  But why pay almost $200 for a purse, plus shipping, when you can run over to Kohl's, or better yet, Target, and pick up a nice new bag for around $20-$40?  Which I don't even plan to do because my mom bought me a great purse a couple of years ago that I have been toting around and am completely in love with.  It still works and I don't care whether it matches my shoes.  And it's made of completely recycled materials:

Isn't that cool?  But really.  Who notices these things?

I just signed out of the site with 0 items in my cart.  I feel like someone offered me chocolate brownie pie with ice cream and I'm on a Weight Watchers diet.  I wouldn't order dessert usually, but it was put in front of my face and now I want it.  What???

Can someone please explain the whole designer clothing, shoes, accessories thing to me?  I am the original girlie girl and I love feminine things.  Probably more so because I have three boys and no one to go get a mani/pedi with on a regular basis.  Or to wear pink things.  The teenage boys in the house tend to protest if I try to buy them anything pink.  Well, except Jamie, who thought flourescent pink braces might be kind of cool for ten minutes until he snapped back to the real world of being in middle school and the fact that other kids probably wouldn't think that was so cool.  (Actually, I doubt he thought about it for longer than 10 seconds before realizing it wasn't a good idea.  But I love it that he would actually consider something outrageous and "outside the box.")

I don't do a lot of going out into the real world, except for my daily walks around the block with Jack and when I do dress "up" when I go out with anyone to do anything (like going to the orthotist with my mom last Friday when I wore the floral dress you see in my blog picture), I tend to get weird looks and questions from Justin like, "Why did you dress up?"  I suppose if I was still out there working full time in a career type position, it would be more relevant and I might be more aware of why a $198 purse was something I would possibly want.  But for running up to Food Lion?  Um, no.  

Definitely thinking this is a web site I will not be visiting very much.  60% off of $495 for a purse, the thing I put my wallet and cell phone in when I go out, is not what I would consider a good use of our money.  Especially when the car still needs to go into the shop for the inspection and 60,000 mile service and Ben's teeth still need to be fixed.  After paying for his car repair last week and 20% towards the first two crowns in his mouth of 28 teeth (which all need a crown, each and every one, due to something called Amelogenesis Imperfecta Hypomaturation Type at $982 a tooth), we aren't even considering a vacation this year.  Which saddens me, as much as Joey talks about our trip to Virginia Beach last summer. 

Because those are the things that kids remember.  Not that Mom looked really fantastic with her $495 handbag when she ran you to the dentist.  Maybe we can squeeze in a weekend to the mountains or know.  Something that will build memories but not break the bank.  That's what I want my kids to remember because those are the things I remember best about my own childhood.  We didn't go anywhere fancy and wherever we went every summer usually involved a 10 hour drive and a cabin with no dishwasher.  Or air conditioning.  And lots of mosquitos.  But every year we would trek off someplace in the family car and spend a week without television as a family, swimming and playing cards and rediscovering why it was kind of cool that we were a family.  This is what I want for my kids.  Not a $495 $198 handbag to take to Food Lion.

Oh.  And I would like to be able to fix Ben's teeth and his car and pay his college tuition.  I'm thinking a better investment than the purse would be lottery tickets.  At least that expense gives me a few days to dream that I am rich and have a personal shopper, a house at the beach, any brand new car that I want, and enough money to fix Ben's teeth and allow him to go to any college in the country.  Not to mention the two kids coming along right behind him, who are going to want an education.

Live the dream, Chelle!

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