Sunday, May 8, 2011

Spending Diet Update Addendum/Happy Mother's Day!

Okay, so I ended up eating the peanuts.  And an ice cream bar.  But, in my defense, Justin had on that home cooking show and they were making roast beef, mashed potatoes, and homemade gravy.  What I really wanted was for that plate to come through my tv screen.  I had to settle for the peanuts and the ice cream bar.  I probably should have just rubbed them on my butt and abdomen.

I forgot to mention yesterday that included in April's disastrous bills was a bill from the water company.  Now, I expect to get bills from the water company.  But for $381????  Apparently, there was a leak because the motor in the water softener was broken.  When Justin called the guy we lease the equipment from, he responded rather suspiciously quickly to the call with the exact part we needed.  So, what I'm wondering is (a) how did they know that was what was wrong so fast and (b) will they reimburse me the extra $120 I wouldn't have normally had to pay the water company?

See, it's these types of things that make me discouraged.  I don't want to spend money on water bills and the cat's mouth and property taxes on property I bought years ago and am parking on my own property.  Which I am required to get inspected every year.  Which always results in a very expensive repair because something is always broken.  Come on!

Am I wrong to think that this is just not fair?  Tomorrow I go to the dentist and Ben starts his mouth fixing later this month - first tooth down payment of $200.  Ben, Jamie, and I all need eye exams.  Exams, contacts, and my friggin' progressive lenses set us back the cost of a small house payment every year.

What. Else. Will. Go. Wrong?

On the bright side...Justin has a job (thank you, God, for making him so smart and for his company finding him so valuable).  And my writing is now paying because you nice people look at my ads, which I greatly appreciate!

I might just be cranky because last night was a very bad night for me for sleep.  And Joey asked me this morning if it was Mother's Day and, when I said it was, just looked at me.  I know, he needs a little help going in the right direction, but I would really like to hear my kids say Happy Mother's Day with enthusiasm instead of that sense of obligation.  I mean, I do wash their underwear every week.

Happy Mother's Day to all of you moms out there who feel overworked, under appreciated, or just because you are a mom.  I think once the labor and delivery are over, we shouldn't have to do anything except sit back and eat chocolate.  Because really, look....a person! 

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