Thursday, May 5, 2011

It Really Should Be "Manic Thursday"

I am now in the not too favorable position of having over done it and the fibro is making itself very apparent!  I had no intention of doing anything physical when I got up this morning, but sometimes intentions go out the window when opportunity presents itself.

Ben called me yesterday in between final exams to tell me that the check engine light in his car was on.  Oh, geez.  I already have to get my 2002 SUV in this month for its annual inspection and that always comes with some type of repair.  But, you don't ignore those lights.  He finished up his exams (doing quite well, I might add) and came home and we decided we would take the Jeep into the shop today.  However, I kind of thought that would be a Dad and Ben task, not a Mom and Ben task.  But...that is so okay because I got to spend several hours with my son and that is precious with Mother's Day coming up on Sunday.

This morning, Joey told me about an after school party he wanted to go to this afternoon and he wasn't going to need to be picked up until 5:00, so I went back to bed for a couple of hours, forgetting about taking Ben's car in and sleeping in until 9:00, thinking I would then get up and spend several hours on a blog post and also working on the manuscript for the book, which is coming along at over 160 could kind of see what was coming when I posted up that I had decided to forgo the writing in lieu of spending a little time on some gardening I had been wanting to do, seeing how it was 60 degrees outside and really sunny.

About that time, Ben reminded me that his car needed to go in for work and Justin said, "Hey, while you're out, maybe you can drop those clothes off at Goodwill."  Okay, sure.  Went downstairs to the hoarder's basement and discovered (I think) 9 bags and 4 overfilled boxes of clothing.  All of which needed to be lugged up the steps.  All of which I did, myself.  Oh, my aching back...

Set out and followed Ben over to the shop.  Back over to Goodwill to drop off the clothes (thank God, they have people that come out and get the stuff for you).  Of course, it was lunchtime by then and, obviously, we were going out to lunch.  I mean, I don't get to spend a lot of time with my oldest - he's a college boy now - and I wasn't going to miss the chance to talk his ear off.  Oh, and by the way, we also need to:  go to the bank, fill up the gas tank (ouch even with the gas points from Martin's!), go to Lowe's to get the dirt and plants that I wanted, and, by the way Mom, would you like to go down to school with me because I need to meet with my advisor?  Well, of course I would.

By the time we got home with dirt, plants, and recommendations of how to proceed next semester, it was already after 2:30.  Not to be deterred I lugged everything out of the back of the Explorer, with a little help from Ben and a wheelbarrow, and tried to figure out what exactly I was supposed to do with the stuff I bought.  My mom had called while I was at Lowe's to see if I wanted to go a couple of places with her tomorrow right when I was deciding on which vegetables and fruits I wanted and I was trying to focus on both tasks (have I mentioned how bad I am at that?) and ended up with cucumbers, watermelon, and two strawberry plants.  The only one of those plants that is amenable to growing well in a container would be the strawberry plant, so I was trying to find the gardening gloves, the spade, figure out where I was going to transplant these babies, and keep the dog out of what I was doing.  (Are you seeing why I put manic in the title up there?  I still feel rattled!)

I started in the front of the house, but our neighbor was having landscaping work done and his two workers, who I will not stereotype, I will not but let's just say they probably weren't here legally, proceeded to sit on their butts and leer at the 46 year old woman with 20 extra pounds who was just wanting to figure out what to do with these plants.  Ended up carting everything around to the back yard (oh, my back, my aching back!) and set up shop on the deck and got down to business.  Which took a pretty long time because I really did not have a clue what I was doing and how on earth do you plant cucumbers and watermelons in containers and expect to have decent sized produce come out of that???  What was I thinking?  Oh yeah, I wasn't thinking, I was talking to my mother.  If Justin had been with me, he would have made me hang up and concentrate, but Ben was with me and he wasn't about to tell his mom to hang up and pay attention.  I love that my boys are so respectful...but I digress.

I ended up with:



Okay, you get the general idea.  I now have 12 containers that I do not know where to put to keep the dog out of them.  Little tiny budding produce plants that might save us in the grocery department if I can keep Jack's nose out of them.  And an extremely sore back which I suspect, even with a very long bubble bath, is going to be crippling by tomorrow.

But.  I did it.  I planted something!  Go me.  I might even have a little sunburn to go with the containers.  And, as was pointed out in the comment on my last entry, Vitamin D is a very important thing to have.  I actually feel less depressed.  I don't know if that's because I got to spend time with my son, I accomplished the gardening, or I spent time in the sun.  Probably a combination of the three, but I don't feel like such a reclusive mutant at the moment.

And that is a very good thing.

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