Thursday, May 5, 2011

Gardening for the Soul

Just a quick little post as I head out to drop off Ben's car, a load of clothes for Goodwill, and to pick up some plants to put into the many containers we have sitting around doing nothing.

Since I know nothing about gardening and today is brightly sunny and so spring, I decided that instead of sitting inside cursing at my computer for being so slow and knowing I have work to do on my manuscript, I will instead head out and spend a little time with my oldest son and find some things that grow.  I could use a little sunshine and a little greenery in my life right now.  And the vitamin D from the sunlight is oh so good for depression...

Will check back later with pictures of the broken fingernails with dirt embedded and the lovely containers that will hopefully produce some of our very own produce.  No pun intended!

Happy Spring and Happy Mother's Day!


  1. This is the third time i am writing this comment! I am determined to finish it this time! (if youhear someone yell Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuucccccccccccckkkkkkkkkkkkk) it's coming form the eastern shore and it's me becuase someone Im'd me and knocked me off again.
    Anyhoo~ about the vitamin D. Ihad no idea that most American women are seriuosly vitamin D defficient and I wouldn't have thought I was. I drink about a gallon of milk myself a week and thats not counting yogurt etc., But, My PCP did a serum level because its a pet peeve of hers and sure enough i was seriously defficient. I was started on 5,000 units/week. I further had no idea what a significant role vitamin D played in mood stablility! When carol told me that we both had a laugh. You'd think soemone might have looked at this before now. HELLO!
    I expect to see pics of the progression of this garden now woman. You couldn't know less than me! the house I am renting belonged to a little old lady who LOVED to garden. I litterally had hundreds of tulips and daffodils. Now I have to "dead head" them. (Thank you Google) and figure out how to prune peonies and plant something for the summer. I'm thinking Lavender and Black Eyed Susan's. here's to funny hats and lime green gardening gloves!

  2. Okay Kathy, I will go out and take pictures of what is right now an optimistic little produce container garden that I have no idea where to put. My gardening gloves are now filthy and there is dirt under my manicure, but I was going to get rid of the false nails anyway. Too expensive! Will post!


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