Saturday, May 28, 2011

Garden Post Update and Coming Attractions

Updated garden photos...not the best picture, but can you see how well the plants are doing?  I've only lost one out of the 22 I bought originally and the cucumbers are growing so fast that I actually think I see new growth every day.

Coming soon....

Plastic canvas butterflies for sale as soon as I figure out how to make them...portion of the proceeds to go to pediatric cancer research.

Stay tuned to see if I am able to transfer my cross stitch skills to canvas!




  1. Chelle,
    This is a nice idea to sell such butterflies.
    And I'm working in pediatric cancer research right now ;-)

  2. As it turns out, the butterflies are REALLY hard! I had no idea! But someone who knows plastic canvas looked at the pattern for me and she said it was a very difficult pattern to start with.

    I went online last night and found the cancer ribbon and it looks like a much simpler pattern. I think if I practice with that one first, maybe I can then figure out how to do the butterflies. I really want to do butterflies to honor Juliana, so I either need to figure out how to do the ones on the pattern you see, or find an easier pattern.

    Thanks for commenting! :o)



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