Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A Frantic Memorial Day Weekend - Whew!

Well, I would have to say it was a pretty productive weekend.  After getting inspired not only by selling my keyboard off of Craig's List, but also finding www.365lessthings.com and poking around Colleen's website, I spent a good bit of time cleaning out and throwing out over the last three days.

I ended up with this pile:

I finally got around to admitting I just am not going to scrapbook anymore.  I had been hung up in the fact that I had done 5 pages of a new album two years ago from our 21st anniversary trip pictures and had never finished that trip, let alone the other four or five packages of pictures from 2009 that were sitting in that brown bag you see. 

I realized yesterday morning that since the trip was an anniversary trip, maybe I didn't actually have to finish that new album.  I transferred the five pages into our wedding album at the back (as a nice coda to the wedding), put the rest of the trip pictures into an envelope, making sure to put notes on the back of them in case anyone ever wants to know what exactly we were doing, and put the envelope into the last sleeve in the album.  Problem solved.

I was then free to give away the new album, another small album I had never done anything with, and all of my scrapbooking supplies.  Yes, all.  I realized after finding a blog entry by Colleen at 365 Less Things that I really wasn't going to scrapbook anymore and that this stuff was taking up a lot of space in my bedroom closet and making me feeling guilty.  That brown bag is stuffed full of supplies and the black bag has all of my equipment in it.  It's all going.

I have two possible takers for the scrapbook stuff, but either way, it's so outta here!

Then there is this:

These are actually now stacked in a pile in the first picture above, but they are all cross stitch patterns, fabrics, and kits that I am not going to finish or use.  The first project was a beautiful ballerina and I got quite a ways into it before I realized that it was actually hurting my needle holding hand to the point where I could no longer sew.  The pattern called for different numbers of threads in different stitches and the ones that had 5 and 6 strands were actually causing me physical pain.  I put that one down and got some physical therapy on my sewing hand.  Ouch.

The other project was going to be a gift for a friend who was having a baby.  It's a beautiful picture of a mother and newborn, with the baby's name and birth date.  Well, I also made her a baby quilt and, by the time I got back around to doing this one, she had had another baby, moved out of the area, and kind of out of my life, so back into the pile of "unfinished projects" it went.  Yesterday I knew I was never going to finish it.  So, these two projects will either be given to someone who likes to do cross stitch and would like to finish them or thrown away.  The rest of the supplies will be given away.

The box in the first picture is a box of papers to be shredded.  I have also begun the task of clearing all of the extraneous files and papers out of my desk and file cabinets.  Slowly, item by item and page by page, I am going to get my house organized.

I also spent quite a bit of yesterday on this project:

Sorry it's not a more in focus picture, but this was taken with my phone camera and obviously didn't work quite so well.  I finally got around to pulling out old pictures and making a plan in the last couple of days.  It didn't end until I went to Michael's yesterday and bought the four matching black frames you see around the grouping on the far right and with all of these pictures on the wall.  I also managed to nag Justin into rehanging our Thomas Kinkade paintings - he did not just the one over the sofa in the family room for me, but also hung the other two in the stairwell.  Justin worked his butt off for me yesterday helping me get things hung, so thank you, Justin.  You are truly appreciated.

I am now free to pursue the plastic canvas butterflies I featured in an earlier blog post, which, as it turns out, are boogers to cut out!  After two hours of trying to get one decent butterfly cut out of canvas so I could start to sew, I finally gave up and went looking for free patterns online to help me learn how to do this stuff. Apparently, I had picked out a more advanced pattern (the butterflies) than a beginner would be able to master.  I was able to find the cancer ribbon and it looks like I could actually cut that one out of the canvas without cursing and throwing things across the room.  I really should have taken a picture of the pile of canvas scraps that ended up on the table from my two hours of cursing and crying in frustration. 

Maybe once I get the ribbon done a couple of times and feel I have the hang of it, I will move back to that butterfly pattern.  Or maybe I'll find an easier butterfly, but either way, I will get it and make a bunch to sell.  Again, a portion of the proceeds from those sales will go to pediatric cancer research in honor of Juliana.

It was a hot, sticky, nasty weekend and appears as if it will be even hotter today.  Spring consisted of a bunch of rainy weeks, one really nice week of spring-like weather, and then SUMMER!  Even the dog was miserable yesterday and we put him out of his misery at the end of the day with a nice bath under the cold hose.  It was the first time all weekend he wasn't panting.  I think he's probably going to need to lose some of that hair pretty quick.

So, I'm off to try a cancer ribbon and finish up the laundry from yesterday.  And then I have the joy of taking the middle one to the dentist out in the heat.  I am so very glad cars are automatically equipped with air conditioning now!



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