Friday, May 13, 2011

Blogspot Meets Friday the 13th

So, I've been itching to get on and blog all morning, but due to either some techie somewhere doing an upgrade to the hardware/software whatever "fat-fingering" the code (as my dear techie husband calls it when the engineer screws something up), I have been unable to even get into the dashboard portion and update myself on what everyone else is writing about, which is to me what the morning paper is to my parents' generation.  It's not like I keep a list on a pad by my computer of web sites where I like to go and read the blogging or anything.  Maybe I should....

I came back up from eating lunch and making some cookies, since the teenage boys in the house are eating everything in sight that even looks like it might have sugar in it, and Dashboard was back up!!!!  Hurray!  But then I went to "view blog" and my last post looks like it was on Tuesday.  Um, where did the 5,000 word two-part entry I did on fibromyalgia awareness day go????  And will this even show up?  I can only hope that whatever is going on, whether it be Friday the 13th gremlins or just some engineer with one finger in his ear and the other...well, never mind, I know they work really hard and it's a tough job because I watch Justin do it all the time.  If something isn't working right, he'll lose his mind until it's fixed, so Blogspot engineers, I understand, but could you please, please hurry up and fix whatever it is that is not working?


What I wanted to say originally is that we have achieved strawberries!!!  Of course I have pictures, but again...Blogspot still not fixed.

I also have a couple of magnificent pictures of my rose bushes that are erupting with beautiful red flowers as we speak.  But again, they will have to wait until the Friday the 13th gremlins go away.  Maybe tomorrow I can share.

There is nothing so frustrating to me as when my technology won't work and there's not a single thing I can do about it.  In fact, I really should be writing this post in Word and not on the dashboard because if they lose it, I will have lost it too.  Copy and paste time!  I just seem to get so much more from being in the program when I write.  Looking at that blinking cursor in Word is enough to give me immediate writer's block.

So, I'll keep this short, tell you that I'm still here but Blogspot is apparently experiencing some technical difficulties, and I hope to have both strawberries and roses to share with you whenever the Gods deign to allow me back into my online world.


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