Sunday, April 3, 2011

What NOT to Do as a Writer!

All would be published writers take heed!  I found this entry as I was idly paging through John Scalzi's blog to see what it was all about.  This book review has apparently gone viral on twitter due to the poor reaction of the author to it and, when I say poor, what I mean is do not ever, EVER respond to a review of your work in this way.  And do NOT tell the reviewer to "Fuck off."  Seriously, don't.  This writer's career is over before she had a shot because of a few bad decisions flowing from some awful, unedited grammar.   Read the review and responses from the author for yourself, if you need a good laugh:

Author Implosion or Kiss Your Writing Career Goodbye

As an ardent proofreader and stickler over the whole they're/their/there placement decision thing, I could only try to keep my laughter down as I watched the author write one poorly written response after another to the reviewer, eventually telling him to "fuck off" twice.  They say nothing ever leaves the internet, even if you delete it.  Since her response to the review has gone viral, I suspect this woman will now have to write under a pen name for the rest of her life and get an editor if she wants a shot at EVER publishing another book.  Oh, wait.  She self-published.  Maybe she should have gotten a friend or family member to edit the grammatical and sentence structure problems out of the manuscript before sending the final version to the publisher.  Instead, she commits career hari-kari by writing more error-riddled responses to a good review of the story itself.  Maybe the family and friends she claims gave her five and four star reviews should have been doing some editing for her instead of writing false positive reviews.

Goodness.  If you need a good laugh, check this out.  We all make mistakes, but hopefully we don't then buy the rope to make the noose to hang ourselves with when we hear something we don't care for.  Here's to thicker skin and the ability to take criticism!

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