Friday, April 29, 2011

Various Things In The News

Just thought I would throw in my two cents about a couple of things that have been taking over the news here.

First, the Royal Wedding.  You can't turn on the television today without seeing the coverage and, really, I'm very happy for Wills and Kate.  I caught a rerun of part of the ceremony before flipping to something else and she looked radiant.  He looked happy.  Fantastic - I'm a huge fan of marriage.  But I don't know the couple, wasn't invited to the wedding, and had no desire to get up at 4:00 a.m. to see them get hitched.  I wonder why the British still pay to keep the royals in such style when the monarchy is clearly not running the country anymore.

Plus, there's been an awful lot of buzz about William's decision not to wear a wedding band.  Really?  Why is this on the news?  I could not care less whether William, the future king of England, wears a wedding ring or not.  I actually caught a show in passing where they were debating the pros and cons of this decision.  Here's a news flash.  I don't care.  If it doesn't bother me that my own husband doesn't wear his wedding ring, why on earth would I care if British royalty does?  Do you honestly think that anyone on earth will not see this man and know that he is now married?  Does he need a ring to advertise this?  And why are people talking about it?  Are we that hard up for television programming that we need to debate royalty and their jewelry choices?

Second item.  Whether or not Barack Obama was born in the United States.  Again, this is a moot issue and I really don't care.  I care way more that the price of everything from gas to groceries has skyrocketed in the years that he has been in office.  Is he to blame?  Depends on who you ask and I don't particularly care, except to the point that I could possibly vote someone into office who could do something about it.  Everything has gone up except salaries in the last three years.  I don't know where we're heading, but it can't be to a good place if this continues.  I don't care where Obama was born, so shut the hell up about it.

Apple Blossom in Winchester.  This is a nightmare (to me) every year.  I know most of my neighbors love this festival, but it takes us from a small town of about 26,000 people and stuffs another 250,000 into our little patch of heaven for about a week.  There are more than 30 events and everything from businesses to the local schools shut down the Friday of festival week to celebrate.  If I was a celebratory kind of person, I might find this more enjoyable, but I more find myself wondering how they are going to fit another 250,000 people into the 5,000 parking spaces they claim to have available downtown where most of the festivities take place.

Yes, I'm a total grinch.  I don't prohibit my kids from attending the events and Jamie will actually march in the Fireman's parade tonight.  But he is fine with my decision to take Joey to McDonald's instead of fighting my way through the packed crowd to catch a glimpse of him in his uniform and toting a tri-tom for 25 blocks.  As he put it, I'll be attending all of the football games next year to see him march at the local high school and I won't have to fight the crowds for those events.  Plus, the kids just got off of spring break and now they're at home again, with no homework because of the festival.  They went to school for three days this week.  Now they're home, bored, and playing video games.

My dad had offered to come out and take the younger boys on an outing tomorrow and I'm going with it.  I'd much rather go out on my back porch and maybe have a chat with the next door neighbors than fight my way through the crowds to get my face painted.  Last night, they had a disco ball, which I know is a very popular event.  The thought of wearing bell bottoms and sporting an afro makes me cringe though.  Maybe I'm just not the most fun-loving person.  Probably I'm not the most fun loving person.

Tornados - Okay, this is a newsworthy event and deserves a much bigger spot on the front page of our paper than the Apple Blossom Festival.  But all it got was a picture of the huge twister in Alabama and one paragraph.  To get the full story, you had to go further into the paper.  Really?  Over 300 people dead and you put Apple Blossom as the first story?  When there are tornadoes touching down within a mile of my house and I'm sleeping through it because we don't have sirens in Virginia, that worries me.  And is something I consider worth talking about.

Just my random thoughts on various event about what everyone seems to be talking about today.  And the weird thing is that the order I put them in seems to be the order that they are being reported on the news.  Weird.  I wonder about priorities and the incessant need our culture seems to have to be constantly entertained instead of informed.

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