Sunday, April 17, 2011

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!

Just wanted to say a big thank you to all of you who posted both on Anna's website and to me about how much you enjoyed the article I did on having bipolar disorder and how it has affected my spending.  As you can imagine, it's very hard to share this kind of personal information, especially online, and you never know how people are going to react to the fact that you suffer from a mental illness.  I am thrilled to see that people are so much more understanding than I ever imagined possible.

If you are coming over to Life On The Domestic Front from Anna's website, welcome and I hope you'll stick around and read awhile.  I can't promise that every post will be about my own spending diet, as I write about whatever tickles my fancy on any given day and the craziness that is my life.  If you do come back though, I can almost guarantee you'll get to see where I just can't quite accomplish getting my spending under control and sometimes (just sometimes) that can be good for a chuckle.  (Not to my husband, who would really prefer no debt and a much larger bank account balance!)

And to those of you who have told me that you find my website not to your liking, why are you still reading?  I mean really.  This is time you will never get back, so please go find something that you enjoy!

Thanks again to all of you wonderful, supportive people.  I love it that people can relate to how hard it is to stop spending on things you don't need (or downright impossible).  I am not Confessions of a Shopaholic bad, but I've been there.  Just without the name brands.


(Coming up:  Sleepless in Seattle - oh my how things have changed since 1993!)

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