Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Spring has Sprung in Virginia!

There's something about spring in Virginia that makes all that cold weather in the winter seem, well, worth it.  We have the prettiest May (I think) in the country and when the bright yellow forsythia pop out in early April, I know that I will be able to stop shivering soon.  Northwest Virginia seems to have the biggest variety and colors of flowers of anywhere I've ever seen.  My favorites are the lilacs, which only stick around for a week or so, but I look forward to that week fanatically every year.  There is an older road leading to the main part of town where people planted lilac bushes many years ago and, if you know lilacs, you know they can get absolutely huge.  Driving down that road during the one week the lilacs bloom is an intense purple sensory experience.  I want to run into people's yards and steal some flowers (they can share, can't they?), but I know Justin's lungs would immediately slam shut with an asthma attack if I brought a bunch into the house, so I restrain myself from the trespassing charge.

Knowing my love of lilacs, Justin planted three bushes out back when we moved to Winchester.  Unfortunately, he planted them down at the bottom of the back yard and we soon discovered it was just too wet down there to support much lilac growth.  So he's moving them around to the front for me this year and I'm hoping to eventually have those huge overgrown bushes in my front yard.

Doesn't everyone deserve at least one week of spring beauty a year?  It's so great for depression.  And the little white butterflies in the field across the way aren't hurting either.

Okay, this one was last summer, but who could resist that puppy or the sunshine?  This is when I like living here and don't wish I had a house on the beach down in the Florida Keys.  Spring can really make you count your blessings.

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