Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Spending Diet - A Total Success (Well, Just One)

So my earlier blog today was about what to do with the 8X10 photographs I had of the St. Baldrick's event and wondering whether to buy picture frames or make do.  Well, here is the happy result:

Sorry about the picture quality.  I'm working on getting a new "used" camera from a friend who upgraded, since I seem to be putting a lot of pics into my blog lately.

Found two matching 8X10 frames and I love the result on the second shelf up there.  Total cost - $0.  The frames were in the basement with other pictures already in them.  These may be wall-hanging worthy pictures.

Still need to get a cheap photo album for the prints, but Justin was pleased with the results of the frame hunt this afternoon and I didn't have to go to Walmart in the rain.  I'd say that was a total win-win.

Tomorrow I will be linking to my article on the And Then She Saved website, as I will be featured as Anna's second guest columnist.  If you have an interest in how mental illness (bipolar disorder in particular) wreaks havoc on a person's finances, I invite you to click on the link.  It's a true soul baring, no holds barred look at how my illness caused completely out of control spending and still affects it today.  I hope you will think more of me for sharing what this illness is like to live with. Let's see where tomorrow takes us!  I admit to some major pre-publication nerves.

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