Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Spending Diet and Photographs

Snapfish delivered my cheap order of photo prints from the St. Baldrick's event very quickly and I am now in a quandry as to what to do with them.

Anyone out there a scrapbooker?  I used to scrapbook religiously when the kids were little and have 13 (yep, 13) expensively done photo albums.  All creative.  All of which sit there on the shelf: 

Would I have been better off not spending the money and just putting the photos into those cheap albums with the plastic sleeves?  I don't know.  Joey is the only one in the family who ever pulls out my photo albums to look through them, but he really enjoys them.  Would he enjoy them as much without the expensive paper decorations and my running commentary?  Hard to say, but probably.  Another "look back at it and wonder what the hell was I thinking?" moment.

I have two Michael's coupons for 40% each off a regularly priced purchase.  So they cannot be paired with sale items.  Do they even sell those regular cheap photo albums anymore and, if so, can I find them at Michael's and use a 40% off coupon and would that save money over, say, Walmart?

I also got sucked into ordering two 8X10 size prints because I'm old fashioned and still love to display pictures of family and friends in the living area of the house.  One of them, a really cool collage that Snapfish created for me with various pictures it selected, came out fantastic:

I couldn't change the pictures it picked for me, either out of ignorance or just because they don't let you do that, but I still think it turned out nicely and want to display it.  They didn't get the best picture though, which is still this one:

So I got an 8X10 of that one too.  Now, I need frames.

I have to go to Walmart later to pick up our dog's $4 generic Prozac prescription.  Don't they have cheap frames there?  Maybe I can find a 2 for $5 deal or something.  I'm kind of tired of the ugly old wooden frames I used to buy when I got the kids' pictures done repeatedly over their first years with those old Sears photo studio deals, but I know that I have a few of them left down there in my hoarder type basement.  I could really save money and just fish two of those out and use them.

Even if I go with the ugly wooden frames, I still need an album for the approximately 100 4X6 prints.  I won't scrapbook the event because I don't want to spend the money on the supplies.  Anyone know where I can pick up a well made photo album, cheap?

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