Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A Little Flooding

This, on a normal day, would be a little trickle of water, but with the incredible downpours of the last week or so, it has turned into what you see in the picture.  I had a couple of other pictures on my phone that wouldn't upload.  I am in definite need of new camera equipment if I want to keep putting visuals with my words!

I like the sound of the water rushing along as I walk Jackson by this little stream.  It's very calming.  Almost like going to a nature retreat for 15 minutes or so.  And it helps motivate me up the hill if I'm not concentrating on the fact that the gradual rise in the sidewalk looks like Mt. Everest to me from the bottom.  It's the last part of the walk and the distraction of the running water keeps me from focusing on how out of shape I am.

I'm learning that exercise can be helpful with both pain and mood.  Well, I already knew that, but I hated exercising so much that I just couldn't get off my butt every day to do it.  With a dog, he has to be walked.  Jack has been a great way for me to realize I needed to exercise.  So I should go down and give that dog a treat.  And teach him to roll all the way over.  For some reason, he seems to think "rollover" means "lie on my back until she gives me the cheese she's holding."  Silly dog.

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