Wednesday, April 6, 2011

I'll Be Brief and the Spending Diet

It has been suggested to me, quite lovingly by my ever-tolerant husband, that my blog entries are way too long.  I'm not going to argue with him there.  I tend to write in 2500 word chapters, which is great if you're reading a book, but not so good if you're just stopping by and wanting a quick 700 word fix on your favorite blog.

So, in the interest of brevity today (I'm making no promises for the future), I'm going to throw out a short entry about a spending diet dilemma I encountered yesterday.  Maybe I'll get some suggestions in the comments section.

I needed to go online yesterday to order prints from the St. Baldrick's event.  I started out with a photobook, but that was way too confusing for my right-sided brain, so I ended up ordering prints, which I will put into those old fashioned, pocket style albums.  You remember.  The ones we used before scrapbooking became so popular.

My total came to $17 and change and normally, for a purchase of this size, I am completely willing to pull out my debit card and pay it right there out of the checking account.  However, Justin does not want me using my debit card for online purchases of any nature, because apparently that puts our account information at risk.  I can see his point, but how am I supposed to stop using my credit cards if I can't use my debit card?

Obviously, I will pay off this amount when it comes next month.  I could, in fact, have gone directly to the bank account and sent off a $17 payment to cover what I had charged.  But I would get tired of having to do such a complicated, roundabout method of paying for items every time I need something online.

Suggestions welcomed...

Incidentally, I am not being brief simply to cave to the pressure to keep it short.  I will be spending today with a friend and not online.  So enjoy your brief respite from my eternal wordiness.


  1. well, the complicated & round about method would be more motivation for not spending...........

    nice instructions below, but i don't even know what html tags are FOR!

    and i just found out i have an identity crisis. no wonder people wanted to be anonymous!!!

  2. Susan,

    THIS is why I'm considering my own domain name. People have complained about blogspot giving them a hard time about leaving comments. I have to sign in to the blog to leave my OWN comments, so I know it's hard if you're not a google member who is officially "following" me to do it. Shame on them for making it so hard!

    Yes, the roundabout method is more motivation for not spending, but if it's an expense you've determined you're going to go ahead with, I guess this is the way to do it: spend as little as possible all month and then pay it off when the bill comes. Unfortunately, I have proven over and over that I cannot be trusted to do this.

    I have taken to running most of my online expenditures by Justin to make sure I really want to spend the money. If he makes fun of me, then I don't do it. :o)



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