Saturday, April 30, 2011

A Fantastic Book Find

For those of you who are affected by Alzheimer's disease in a loved one, I found this incredible book through a Facebook friend who "liked" Michelle Montgomery's page. 

Also, if you go to Michelle's page on Facebook, you can read excerpts from her journal.  Incredibly moving and so sad.  I can't imagine what it is like to watch a loved one slowly disappear before your eyes and retreat into themselves, but I know people who are going through it and I think this book (or at least checking out the Facebook page) is a really good idea for anyone who has any connection or interest in this devastating disease.  I just downloaded it to my kindle for $4.99 or you can get it in paperback for $15.

For those of you who have been fans of The Notebook, by Nicolas Sparks, you are aware of how this disease takes its toll on families and spouses.  There are not enough resources and the stress is on the families to provide caregiving for people who are suffering from symptoms and progression of the disease.

I know it seems like I've been all about causes this past year and mostly my causes have been cancer research and autism awareness.  But here is another epidemic sweeping our aging population and, as us baby boomers get older, we will probably be seeing a lot more of this.  Check out Michelle's Facebook page and if it grabs your attention the way it did mine, then go buy the book.

I promise to post up a review after reading, but I have a feeling it's going to be a 5 star rating!

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