Thursday, April 7, 2011

Commenting Trouble

Just a short note to let everyone who is trying to leave me comments that I know you're having a hard time and I'm working on it.  If I can't figure out how to get it to allow you to do it, I'm going to be looking into my own domain name (ouch) and possible advertisers (ouch again).  Of course, I think to get advertisers, I need to have lots of readers, so if you like me, please share!

In the meantime, feel free to use the "anonymous" choice and just put your name at the end of the comment.  Unless you want to be anonymous, which you are welcome to be!  All comments are moderated through my email, so it will not show up immediately.  Don't worry - I do read my email several times a day and will get your comment up there.

Really funny story coming up!


  1. Anyone can sign up for Google AdSense and affiliate advertising shouldn't cost you anything. The Blogger platform is notoriously BAD even though SO. MANY. PEOPLE have their blogs on Blogger.

  2. I am starting to believe that to be entirely true. I think if I'm going to keep doing this, which is the plan, I will eventually go over to my own domain name with a web page administrator to help with stuff like this. I am not a technical person and have no idea how to fix it. And I suspect, as you say, that's it's a problem with blogspot and can't be fixed anyway.


  3. as i remember i used name/url

    i don't know what open id is or any of those other things

  4. Me either, Susan. That's why I need a web administrator to take care of this stuff for me!


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