Saturday, April 23, 2011

Commenting Problems

A while back, several people had mentioned to me that they were having trouble leaving comments on my blog because of the questions that they are asked at the end of their post - like "URL" and other tech crap no one would understand.

I think you have two options for this.  One is to post (nicely) as "anonymous" and just sign your name down at the bottom of your comment.  Two, if you register for a google account (email works), all you will have to do is hit the button on google account and give it your account information and your comment will be forwarded to me.

While I'm on the subject of comments, anyone who has been paying attention has probably realized by now that all comments are moderated by me before showing up on the blog.  Please don't feel offended or put off by this.  I would love to hear your feedback - the more the better.  Even the nasty feedback can be constructive in certain ways.  And if not constructive, than really fun to ridicule in a public forum.   Just like a car accident at the side of the road, people are always going to want to slow down and check it out.  Same here.  If I get negative publicity and respond with ridicule and derision, I get more blog hits. 

Either way, your comment will come to my email before it gets published so check back if you've posted a comment that doesn't show up within an hour or two.  I may not be online or I may not have checked my email since you posted.

Since I am working hard at bolstering my number of readers (and I just hit 2,900 page views today!), I say bring it on!!  Let me know what you think.

For the most part, say 99% of you, if you've posted something it's been either really nice, really supportive, or something that you can relate to in my writing.  For the other 1%, I look forward to dealing with you by hunting down your IP address and finding out who you are to see if you could look me in the eye and say those things to my face.  Because that would be oh so entertaining. 

My feeling is that if internet commenting had to be "owned" by the authors, a lot of this cyberbullying that has been going on would stop altogether.  I know I can get rid of the anonymous option, but that leaves people who are confused about which option to pick for posting unable to put up their comment.  And even if you wanted to leave a nasty gram as a quick little jab to my psyche, you can then just create a whole new identity for yourself.  But it all does go back to that little IP address that allows any good IT engineer with a little time on his hands to trace the post back to the source.  So, I would keep that in mind, those of you who have decided you don't like me so very much.

And for those of you who do, please do leave comments.  The more, the better!

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