Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Spending Diet - Day Whatever

I'm sure you are all dying to know how the spending diet is going for me.  (Yes, I'm sure you are.)  Since I'm not exactly one who tends to stick with anything I start, I'm kind of proud of myself in that I have been watching every penny that I spend and I have not used my credit cards for anything I did not need.

Okay.  I'll confess that I did have to pull out the Visa to get my book manuscripts printed up at Office Max so that I could mail them to the publishers.  But, as Justin said, how will I know if I might have a shot at being published if I don't send them in?  So, although it was not a "need," per se, I did it anyway.  Who knows - someone might actually think the book is good enough for publication.  And I followed through today by sending the manuscripts out to three large publishing houses for consideration.  I have also been working and have another story basically completed, so I can proudly say that since last July, I have written five, count them, five manuscripts for possible children's book publication.  I think that's pretty remarkable if I do say so myself.  And it's nice to know that if one of the publishers is actually interested and asks me if I have other work, I can say, "Why yes, now that you mention it, I do!"

Okay, so was that a cheat on the diet?  You tell me.

On Monday, I went to visit my best friend and her birthday is coming up this weekend.  There are some things that are just important, so I took her to my favorite Mexican place to eat.  Eating out has become quite a treat for me and we are down to only getting take out maybe once a week (from maybe three or four times), which I think is huge improvement.  Lunch:  $22, paid on the check card.  Nothing charged.

Then we decided that instead of going to the movies (since they wouldn't allow us to talk throughout the showing of the film), we went to the mall.  Oh, dangerous mecca, that mall!  We have nothing like it here in Winchester and it's overstimulating just walking through one of the entrances.  Talk about your sensory overload.  My friend knows the problems I've been having with my clothing and directed me immediately over to Sears to the clearance racks.  I usually walk right past them, since it's generally last season's fashions that didn't sell or, if they do have something I like, my size is completely gone.  But this mall is pretty amazing.  Here's what I ended up with for $46.14:

2 Bras $12.98 (Men, you may stop reading now if this offends you.)
Shirt $6.99
Shirt $5.99
Leggings $2.99 (Yes, you read that right)
Leggings $14.99

Tax $2.20

Okay, the last pair of leggings put me a little over what I wanted to spend, but I still didn't end up overdrawing my cash reserves.  I ended up with a little over $8 left in my account (which is kind of a pin money account) and no new charges on the credit cards.  I don't know how she managed it, but she kept me from pulling out the charge cards, even though we admired numerous items that weren't on sale and saw a lot of really cool stuff.  I still wouldn't say I have enough clothes to wear that I am comfortable in, but we at least made a dent.  My friend is an incredible bargain shopper.

My next feat:  To have her decorate the empty space in my bedroom (did I mention her fantastic sense of design for cheap?) for less than $50....maybe $40....okay, maybe none, because decorating is definitely not part of the spending diet.  If I'm going to spend money, it's got to be clothes right now.

There's still that dress at Vermont Country Store that I am dying to order, but I have held onto my willpower for the moment.  The fact that I've been drowning in kids' homework, dental appointments, and doggie neutering this week, as well as pushing to get the book in the mail has definitely made it easier not to do any online shopping.  But I'm supposed to go back to visit tomorrow and there was talk of makeup...

Well it is a diet, right?

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