Wednesday, March 30, 2011

And Yet Another Donation!

Justin and Mike, just prior to head shaving

Oh the amazing ability of Justin's hair to inspire, even when it is not there.

This morning, a neighbor who knew nothing of the St. Baldrick's event stopped Justin on the street and asked, "Where's your hair?"  Justin told him the story and he immediately pulled out a $10 bill and said he would be back over to our house with another $10 later. 

I backhandedly nagged Justin for the last four years to get a haircut.  Now I am immensely grateful that he didn't cave.  How much good is that four and a half years of hair growth going to end up accomplishing?

I just checked the site and the event over-reached its goal of $300,000.  The grand total right now stands at $301, $20 from this morning.

JJ would be so proud!

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