Monday, February 28, 2011

St. Baldrick's Event

That's a lot of hair!!!!

Yesterday, TV 3 Winchester sent a reporter out to the house by the name of Alex Holmes.  Alex stayed for about two hours, interviewing Justin for the story that appears in the link below:  Just go to the link and click on "cancer fundraiser 2-27-11" (the box on the righthand side of the web page) to see Justin talk about his connection to JJ and why he will have all of this amazing hair shorn on March 27th.

I think that it is clear from the interview what a cause close to Justin's heart this is.  I mean, if you can resist this face, then I really don't know what else I can do to convince you to donate to St. Baldrick's in their effort to cure childhoold cancer:

Juliana had a personality bigger than life, a smile that would melt your heart, and she bore her cancer treatment with a dignity that you don't often see in an adult.  Childhood cancer has got to be the most unfair thing in the world as we know it.  I don't understand myself how there can be such a horrific degree of suffering in such a tiny little body.  I'm not religious myself and Juliana's death really made me question how there could be a God.  What kind of God allows a three year old die?  Who takes this precious life and gives it to wonderful people like Mike and Christine and then cruelly snatches it away?  I don't have any answers here.

Justin and I have hatred in our hearts for this disease.  Cancer.  It's such an ugly word.  Appropriate, because it's such an ugly disease.  It seems like all of a sudden it is epidemic around me.  My best friend, my mother, Juliana, both my grandfathers, Justin's dad, a friend's son, another friend from Justin's car club...what the hell is happening?  Why is this suddenly a diagnosis that is epic in proportion?  And how do I find the inspiration to stay positive amidst all of this ugly medical nightmare?

Childhood cancer has to be the cruelest form of cancer, because its tiny victims can't really begin to understand what is happening to them.  And to lose a child to cancer has to be a hell that I can't begin to imagine.  Justin watched Mike and Christine go through losing Juliana and we never, ever want to have to see another family torn apart the way the LaMonicas were.

Please, if you haven't already, go to and donate whatever you can to Team JJ's Angels for cancer research to end childhood cancer.  The team has raised over $10,000 and the goal is $15,000.  Can you help us to meet that goal?  Let's make Juliana the last child to die of childhood cancer.  Watch the interview, look at the pictures, and join us in our cause.  Let's eradicate this disease off the face of the earth and make sure that no family ever has to lose a child to this disgusting, horrific disease again.

Thank you.

Justin and Chelle


  1. Beautifully written, Chelle. That photo of Julianna is soo precious! It breaks my heart and I didn't even know her. Keep up the good fight!!

  2. Thanks, Sandi. Who could resist those big blue eyes? She was a precious, precious child.


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