Saturday, February 19, 2011

Spending Diet - I Cheated

I promised, so here goes.  I fell off the diet wagon last week.  Not super big time, but there was definitely some spending.

It was a rough week.  I had a parent-teacher-guidance counselor conference (those are always so fun) and then Justin's grandmother passed away and then I found out that a dear friend's cancer has come back.  Oh, and to add to the fun, my mother fell going into her quilt guild meeting and I was worried sick about her.  Thank God my brother is here and helping out.

So, the spending.  First the printer broke.  I didn't want to make the decision to buy a new one, even though I knew we were going to have to.  You just have to have a printer when you have kids in middle school and college.  They need to print out their assignments.  I don't know when it became mandatory for parents to provide their kids with technology, but here we are.  I kind of wishy-washied around the issue for a couple of days, hoping Justin would just go buy one and then it wouldn't be me spending the money.  Then we found out that Channel 3 wants to come to the house tomorrow and interview Justin for the head shaving event in March and we needed pictures of Juliana fast for the interview.  Yesterday, we went out to lunch (ouch - how can getting an appetizer for your entree be so expensive?)  After lunch, we jumped over to Best Buy and bought a new printer.  It's really great - it's a Kodak and is supposed to be much cheaper on ink.  As an aside, of course I had just replaced the ink cartridges in the old printer, the day before it decided to give up the ghost.  Irony.

I also started physical therapy this week and have a $300 deductible I have to meet before the insurance kicks in.  Do medical expenses count as frivolous spending?  I don't think they do, but it was still $100 I could have put towards a bill, so writing that check hurt.

Yesterday was kind of a spending day, but I did have help from Justin.  He agreed that we had to have a printer and I wasn't about to contradict him.  We probably didn't have to go out to lunch, but hey.  We don't get to do things together very often, so I took him up on his offer.

It also occurred to me last week that my brother's birthday is the 24th.  And I haven't seen him in a very long time.  We're going out to my mother's house tomorrow to have dinner, since he's been staying with my parents and he's a professional chef.  Wow, I bet my mom's been eating good this week!  But I digress.  My point was that his birthday is next week, I hadn't seen him in three and a half years, and I felt it would be really tacky to ignore it by sticking to my spending diet.  I went over on the gift from my $15 limit by getting him a $25 gift card and I bought a cheesecake to take out there.  I could have made brownies or a cake, but because of his occupation, no matter what I make, I don't think it's going to live up to his standards.  Although I'm sure he would be very nice about whatever I brought.

So, physical therapy, printer and extra cartridges, gift card, and cheesecake.  All things that weren't in the budget, but I did them anyway.  Sometimes, you have to spend money, no matter how hard you are trying not to.

I did not by the People magazine, even though Christina Applegate is on the cover with her new baby.  She beat breast cancer and had a baby!  But I've decided that there's going to be a new People out every week and it's actually a $3.99 expense, rather than my previously estimated $2.99.  So, I guess I'm saving somewhere.  I also did not go to the Old Navy website, even though temperatures soared yesterday and I wanted spring clothes badly.  And I have not downloaded anything for the Kindle in what feels like ages.  I miss my Kindle, but I'm sticking to my library books until payday.

So there's my confession.  Money went out last week and I was actually very unhappy about it.  I think that shows tremendous progress from my buy anything I want attitude.  But I fell off the wagon, so I'm owning that.

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