Saturday, February 26, 2011

Spending Diet - Epic Fail

I'll admit it - February has not been good for the spending diet.  First the printer went out.  Then we (I) decided it was high time to get the dog neutered, so the check for that $152 went out on Friday.  Then I needed to have the vet out because one of the cats has an abscess on a tooth.  Another $157.  Sigh.

There are a lot of things I haven't done this month.  (Old Navy and downloads for the Kindle come to mind.)  And I did pay cash for all of the things I mentioned above.  But life just keeps crushing us with unexpected expenses.  Our taxes are currently at the accountant (I want that home office deduction, damn it, and I'm going to get it) and that's not cheap.  If we owe, I will be very depressed.

Also, the washer and dryer are just not doing a good job on cleaning the clothes.  I see new appliances in the future, although Justin wants to try different detergent options before going whole hog over to Lowe's for replacements.  They just don't build things the way they used to, do they?  I really want to try that homemade laundry detergent, so I'm going to go to the site and get the ingredient list (which are supposed to be really cheap) and give it a shot.  Also Tide is on sale and maybe the more expensive stuff won't put what look like grease stains on the three outfits I wear continuously.  But somehow, I just don't think it's the detergent.  (Glass half full again - what else is new).

I'm frustrated at the rising costs of gas, groceries, clothing, all the essentials we need to get by.  Our electric company was bought out several months ago and the new one is quite a bit more expensive for the same amount of electricity.  Can they really do that?  Apparently, they can.  We're being held hostage by our utility companies, limited grocery shopping options, and gas prices.  The only thing not going up are salaries.  Oh yeah, we're definitely out of the recession.  Joey asked me at dinner if I thought we would be going into a depression.  Could that be possible?  We're incredibly lucky that Justin has some pretty good job security, since I'm obviously not worth much with the income generating anymore.  And to think, I used to pull my own weight around here!

I finally caved tonight.  I was just tired of worrying about it and Justin went out for KFC.  Over $15 for dinner, but that's really not that bad for a family of 5.  I probably would have spent that just going over to Food Lion to buy stuff for dinner.  Tomorrow I'm taking out a roast and we're going to cook.  I will say that thinking about expenses on a daily basis has been good in a way I didn't expect, because now I see getting take out as a cop out and something that should only be done as a treat, not as a way of getting dinner on the table 3 or 4 nights a week.

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