Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Spending Diet - Day 8

Okay, so today's savings is $120 for the next year.  I just canceled our Netflix membership.  It really made sense.  The DVD of Night at the Museum 2 had been sitting on our shelf since early January and the DVD player isn't even in the family room.  Justin had moved it upstairs and connected it to our bedroom tv a few weeks ago so I could do yoga up there.  Well, I've done yoga up there once, but still...it's something I might do, right?

This morning I opened my credit card statement and saw the regular monthly charge for $10.49 and realized I couldn't remember the last time I had streamed a movie on my computer, which is really what I loved about the service.  While Justin watched football, I would haul the laptop into the family room, plug the headphones into the computer, and pick an instantly streaming video to watch.  We were both happy.  But I found two problems with this expenditure.  One, I had gone through most of the movies in the queue that were available for instant streaming and was running out of things to watch.  (Hint to Netflix: make all of your movies available instantly.  You'll keep more customers.)  Two, football season is officially over, obviating the need for the instant streaming on the laptop.  Justin informs me that there may be no football season this year - something about contracts and owners and a lot of stuff I don't understand that adds up to there may be no need for the Netflix this year. 

So, I went to the site and canceled the membership.  Yay me!  That's $10.49 every month that I will not be adding to our debt.

On the other hand...I really want an iPad.  I don't need one.  But here's today's I really think I should have this:

Is this not the coolest invention ever?  I thought the kindle was, but here is something that not only will allow you to read books.  You can do So. Much. More!  It's the size of a magazine and you can carry it around with you.  I saw on our big television on our wall last night that you can actually watch tv on this device if you download our cable company's app.  There's Facebook, which I have been accused repeatedly of wasting way too much time on.  Okay, yes, I spend too much time on Facebook.  But I don't have a life, people!  You have to give me Facebook.  Otherwise, I'm an old lady in the recliner in the family room with my knitting and my reading glasses on a chain around my neck.  And I don't knit.

Do I need this?  No.  I don't need this.  But oh how much fun it would be to run over to Best Buy and get one.  I'd be busy the rest of the week just playing on it.  I think instead I'll run over to the accountant's office and drop off our tax papers and pray for a refund.  Which I'll send to a credit card.  I guess nobody said saving money is fun.

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