Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Spending Diet - Day 15

No thoughts from the peanut gallery on the laundry soap idea yet, but I'm still thinking I'm going to give it a try, just because the store bought Arm and Hammer is doing such a number on our clothes.  Or maybe it's our aging washer and dryer which make me hold my breath through every load, praying this won't be the day that sends me out to my mom's to beg the use of her appliances or (gasp!) to the actual laundromat where I haven't been since I was a kid.  I assume they still exist, but I would have to google it to find one in Winchester.  To be brutally honest, the idea of a laundromat scares me (how snobby does that sound?), so I am guessing that when our machines do finally give up on me, Justin will be heading over to Lowe's to replace them.  But for now, I'm making do, even though our clothes sometimes come out with very weird stains on them after "cleaning."

Yesterday I had to go out and buy Jamie new shoes.  This was not an optional purchase, as his feet had grown an unbelievable size and a half since August and the bottom of one of his shoes was torn and coming off.  I am surprised a big toe hadn't poked through the top of one of them, after seeing him go from an 8 to a 9 1/2 in the store yesterday.  I've had pretty good luck finding the boys shoes at Kohl's on sale, so that's where we went and sure enough, I got him a great pair of Nikes for $45.  And paid with the debit card (no extra debt!)

Other expenses this week - $50 for a tank of gas!  Can you believe that?  I remember back when Justin and I were first dating and there was a gas station in Fredericksburg selling gas for 98 cents a gallon.  That 17 gallons I put into my paid off Explorer the other night would have cost less than $17 back when I started driving.  The sad fact is that I have to have transportation.  I don't commute to a job and so I don't have to fill it up that often, but I have been driving quite a bit more in the past month and that's really not in the budget.  That $50 physically hurt.

My other big expenditure this week was for a thumb drive so I can download my childrens' books and have them printed over at Office Max (another expense coming).  But what am I going to do?  If I want to have a snowball's chance in hell of selling them, I have to print them, and I want them to look good.  So $20 for the thumb drive.  Can I write this off if the books sell?  I saved the receipt, hoping for a business expense deduction.

While we were out, Jamie asked me for two things.  One was for me to take him to Gamestop, to which I answered no, not out of spite, but as an incentive to haul up those math and science grades.  I think knowing that your grades are tied to wanting something badly might make you work a little harder.  We'll see.  At any rate, that's coming out of his allowance, so not my budget when he makes the grades.

We stopped at Food Lion on the way home to pick up $5 worth of stuff to go with our homemade dinner last night and I realized that I wanted Chinese food.  From Mimosa.  The one right there in that strip mall.  And I wanted it Right. That. Minute.  I even said it to Jamie, who immediately said, "Can we get Chinese food, Mom?  We need to get Chinese food this week."  It would have been yummy and digested in about an hour (isn't all Chinese food?) and it probably would have cost me $15.  I held firm and brought the kid home and fed him here.

The Chinese food debate became a very small triumph in a very large war.  Over the last two weeks, I have become suspicious of any expenditure.  I get angry at the thought of having to spend money.  Who. Am. I?  Justin asked me this morning if I wanted to order pizza tonight.  Only if he's talking about the Anthony's special $4.99 large cheese pizza on Tuesday deal.  I'm not spending $40 at Papa John's.  Yay me!


  1. Michelle Duggar uses homemade laundry detergent. I've heard good things about it.

  2. Do you know where to find her recipe by any chance?


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