Monday, January 3, 2011

St. Baldrick's Shave Your Head for Cancer Research

 Portrait by Camille Nakai

In March, Justin and I will travel to Syracuse, NY to attend the St. Baldrick's shave your head for childhood cancer research event being put together by our friends, Mike and Christine LaMonica.  Justin will be shaving his head in honor of three year old Juliana LaMonica, who passed away in July of last year from acute myeloid leukemia.  No parent should EVER have to go through what Mike and Christine did.  Hopefully, these events will help raise enough money to eradicate childhood cancer.  They are the second biggest money raisers for research in this area, behind only the US government.  So far, Mike's team has 13 volunteers to get their heads shaved, including one woman.

Here is information directly from the St. Baldrick's Foundation website:

Worldwide, 160,000 children are diagnosed with cancer each year and cancer is the leading cause of death by disease among children in the United States. With only 3 percent of all federal cancer research funding dedicated to pediatric cancer research, St. Baldrick’s grant awards are critical to continue the battle against this devastating disease.

Justin has been growing his hair since we moved to Winchester in 2005.  At last measure, he had 22" or a little more to give to Locks of Love, the organization that makes wigs for chemo patients.  After he has the ponytail cut off, he will then have his head shaved.  I hope to get the local newspaper to do a human interest story as soon as we have details and we might possibly even go higher than what's hoped for below.

We are still waiting on specific details for the event, but here is what we are going to try to do to raise $2,850 for the charity in March (and thanks to my old high school friend who has offered the first $100 pledge for level 3):
Three levels of donations for Justin's new hair cut. Try to get people at each level... and get Justin to commit to the following:

Level 1: Ask 10 people to pledge $10 each if Justin will cut the ponytail off. Pretty simple, 100 bucks to charity.

Level 2: Have 15 people pledge $50 each if he also shaves the top, but leaves some on the sides and back so it looks like "male pattern baldness". Kinda funny, 750 bucks to charity.

Level 3: Have 20 people pledge $100 each if he does the "male pattern baldness" thing, but then keeps one side of it long to create the "comb over". Hilarious, 2000 bucks to charity!!!!! All for a good cause.

We would need to have a before and after photo on FB. He can get a real hair cut after the FB photo, so he can go back to work with dignity.

Will anyone else match my Level 3 donation????   Justin are you up to raising two grand for charity?

Justin is definitely up for raising the $2,000.  In fact, when I went back and counted it up, my friend's "levels" would actually net $2,850 if we are successful!  I will be posting new information as the event gets more nailed down.  If the idea of seeing Justin with a comb-over "tickles" your fancy, please pass the event information along to your friends and hopefully some of you will commit to a pledge. Could we even go viral with this?  You can contact me through email at CNewton724 at or through my FB page.  There will be a photographer there to display the three "levels" of shearing, along with the completely bald look at the end.  We will be getting to see Justin's head again!  (And none of this has anything to do with my jealousy over his curly hair, I swear!)

More details to come...

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