Monday, December 6, 2010

Oh Christmas Tree

I was going to head this entry up with a beautiful picture of our newly decorated Christmas tree sitting in our front dining room window, but the battery in my camera died....which naturally leads to...

I need a new camera. 

When digital got really big, what, five years or so ago, Justin bought me a state of the art (at that time) Kodak Easy Share C340 digital camera for Christmas and I was in love.  I think it has 5 megapixels (stop laughing), but I can't find that information.  It was love because I could actually (a) see if a picture was worth saving and (b) print the picture right off of the nifty little printer that came with it.  What's not to love? 

This camera has been a steady companion for the last five years, even as digital has become sleeker and more focused.  The printer gave up any semblance of printing about one year into owning it, but I could still upload the pictures to the computer and print on my nifty printer/scanner/copier thing....or just send them off to Kodak via computer if I really wanted prints.  Of course, nobody really needs prints anymore, since you can put them into albums on your Facebook page and look at them anytime you want.  What could be more organized?

My camera will also take video, but it turns out that you can't actually upload the video to anything.  It just takes up all of your camera memory so you have to delete the video if you want to take any new pictures.  I lost Jamie's first band concert this way.  Oh well.

So my point (I have one, I promise) is that I was going to take a picture of our Christmas tree, decorated by all five of us last night, but then the battery died.  Again.  I missed a Newton family moment, damn it!  No matter how much you charge these little babies, eventually the lithium battery in the camera becomes no longer chargeable and you have to replace it.  Seriously?  Three weeks before Christmas?

Maybe someone can tell me where I can quickly buy a "Kodak Digital Camera Battery Pack Precharged Rechargeable Ni-MH KAA2HR 1.2Vx2."  I kid you not.  I think the last time I replaced this thing, it cost me about $20 with shipping.  Should I buy another battery when I can get a new camera with 12 megapixels that will probably take pictures inside that don't come out completely dark with not even a hint of the subject?  That happens (coincidentally) with my current camera at every one of Jamie's band concerts.  That can't be right.  I have 0 pictures of either one of my older two kids onstage during a band concert.  Annoying, to say the least.  Heartbreaking, in Ben's case, because he gave up band during his junior year of high school to take a tech class and we sold his trumpet.  Thank God for those marching pictures I was able to get outside or I wouldn't have any band pictures of Ben at all.  Luckily, Jamie's only in eighth grade, so I've still got another four and a half years to capture a good shot of him onstage banging on a drum.  Oh, I also didn't get Joey's fifth grade graduation last year.  We're missing the moments here, people!

The last time I checked, I think point and shoot digital cameras were on sale for around $80.  Does it really make sense to sock another $20 into this puppy when if the picture's indoors, I can be pretty sure I won't be able to see the subject matter unless there is bright sunshine coming in through the windows?  I certainly wouldn't want anything fancy, since I can't even figure out how to reboot my computer without Justin's help, so I doubt a new camera for me would set us back much.  I've already replaced the battery twice.  If I replace it two more times, I could have bought a new camera....hmmm...that point seems to make itself.

And no, Justin, if you're reading this, I haven't ordered myself a new camera.  Yet.  But the one that wouldn't take a picture of our Christmas tree is sitting here on my desk mocking me.  With the battery lying beside it.

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