Friday, November 12, 2010

To Make the Bed or To Not Make the Bed, That is Today's Question

There are many things I am not.  (Those of you saying sane, shut it.)  I am not a cook.  I don't do yardwork, housework, exercise, or watch televised sports.  Apparently, I don't take direction well.  And I don't make the bed.

My mother always thought that making the bed was an important part of starting the day because it makes the room look finished.  I've always said, why make the bed if you're just going to get back in it at the end of the day and nobody ever sees my bedroom anyway.

Every night, when Justin and I go upstairs (after our nightly battle of the pets to see which will quit aggravating us the last) while he is brushing his teeth, I will straighten the covers to something approximating a bed that has been made.  I am a little civilized, after all.  What I always find, if Justin has slept in the bed instead of working all night, is that all of the sheets and blankets are falling off of my side of the bed onto the floor.  Sometime, during the course of our nightly sleep, Justin has pushed all of the covers off of himself and onto me in an attempt to get some cool air.  Which is weird, because once he goes to sleep, I don't ever remember noticing him moving.  I, on the other hand, am always cold (well, after September, at any rate) and will take all the covers I can get.  I don't think I hog the blankets, but it's hard to know when they're being pushed my way every night anyway.  I am usually in pajamas down to the wrists and ankles while he has stripped to his underwear, trying to cool off.  I'm always yelling, "Put on some pants!" if he has to get up and go investigate something in the middle of the night.

Justin has some sort of internal furnace that allows him to go out in freezing weather in shorts and say "What?" when I look at him like he's lost his mind.  He's great to have around when winter comes.  Our cats gravitate to him at night and he will repeatedly try to reposition them on the bed so that he can roll over, only to find that they've come right back, usually to the small of his back or underneath his armpit, drawn to the heat coming from that internal thermostat he has somehow set to high.

On the other hand, he has this ability to stay out in 100 degree weather (also in shorts, of course) and not notice the fact that creatures are dropping like flies from the heat.  Again, when I ask him how he can stand the temperature, he'll look at me with the sweat rolling down his face and say, "What?"

I would definitely not put the bed making problem in the category of pet peeves, since Justin and I both agree that making a bed is pointless.  I will make the bed if company is coming in case a tour is requested, simply because I know it looks sloppy if I don't.  But I draw the line at our bed.  The kids can make their beds or not because I simply do not see the importance, even if adults to whom we are not related are traveling through.  Yes, there's a bed and there are covers on it.  We've provided the necessities.  Maybe not the niceties, but I've never been very much on the niceties anyway.

I guess I decided at some point that this was a psychological experiment, because I've been keeping a kind of tally in my head of which kid will go to the effort of doing different things, such as making his respective bed (and homework, but I'm going to vent on that subject in a different post).  So far, Ben and Joey show no sign of seeing the importance of a made bed.  Jamie, on the other hand, almost always makes his bed.  In fact, his bed is usually made up in military style with crisp corners and neatly smoothed quilt.  So I'm thinking it must be a genetic thing and that he got it from one of his grandmothers.  Maybe it will show up in some of my grandchildren.  Or maybe my kids will grow up and decide that making the bed is an important thing to do and a chore they can reward and insist upon it with their own kids.  Let that be their choice.  I'm planning on being a hands off grandma in the bed making department. 

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